Monday, February 20, 2006

Valentine's Day at the Falkenbergs

Here's a picture of our early morning attempt to celebrate Valentine's Day. You have to get started pretty early if you want to pound down a few buckets of conversation hearts!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Kerry Update


I know! I know! I have not sent anything out on Kerry in a long time and I am in trouble. Here are a few pics to catch you up.

With love
Chelle & family

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Snow in Maine

Great fun when sun follow snow. Today is trying to all melt awaythough. Sneaky snow when it comes before Christmas - is not always willing to stick (ha! Get it ... stick?!) around. Our days of come and go snow are numbered though and don't we know it.
Subaru was FANTASTIC in the snow.  Leaving work on Friday I had my shovel with me and helped a couple little passenger cars dig themselves out
but I just roared out of my parking spot with no shoveling or trouble at all! However, the roof of my car is a bit higher than I am used to
so I trotted out yesterday and bought some snow mover thingie on a telescoping stick for tops of cars. The guy at the auto parts store said it
was for tall cars and short drivers. Ha ha.

Love to you all,

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Kerry Update

Hi friends,

July has been a fun month. We made a trip up to the mountains of North Carolina and stopped in to Grandfather Mountain along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a gorgeous spot. We went with our friends the Doud's with their sweet daughter Delaney. As you can see Kerry and Delaney are great friends. In the park they care for animals that have been hurt, we got a great shot of the Bald Eagles.

Chelle & Jim

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Pictures from the Falkenberg's visit to Maine!!

Kerry Pics from St. Augustine

Friday, May 27, 2005


Look a tourist!

Look a bike!

The wall around the city is still intact - you can even climb up the stairs and walk around.

"Walking the Wall" in Nuremberg means a lady-of-the-night is walking through the Red Light District.

Hey Baby, need a date?

Best part was the torture museum. After all the stretching racks and spiked chairs, there were descriptions of old-fashioned punishments. Like the one below where they used to confine women who were bickering: their heads and fists were locked-up so that they were facing each other and they had to stay like that until they agreed to be nice.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Gentlemen, the Lunchbox Has Landed!

Aaron flew in last Friday afternoon and we've been quite busy ever since.

Sunday afternoon, we grilled steaks on the balcony and had loads of people over.

Grill Boy

Monday was a holiday and we drove out to the country for a very German lunch at a Biergarten.

Notice the sweater on the Florida boy :) it was a bit cool, but with a nice warm sun.

A couple of shots across the Wiesent that ran past. The kids ran wild over the fields and soccer pitch and threw loads of stuff into the water, cause that's cool, dontcha know. They also spent half-an-hour on a Kletterbaum - a tree that grew close to the river and parallel to the ground, therefore begging to be coated with hyperactive kids. Cian stole Kai's sunglasses and also spent the day practicing his new skill: saying "excuse me" after burping, passing gas or when interrupting people in conversation. At one point he ran all the way back from the Kletterbaum and tugged on Dave's sleeve, saying "scoose me, Papa." Dave asked what for and Cian answered, "cos I burk." I swear it's worth the trouble teaching this kid stuff (not just so's he'll have manners) to hear his version.

Where's Cian?

And then we continued onto the SommerRodelbahn - which translates to luge-thingy on a mountain. Check out the pictures on the link. Way cool - I think Aaron might have enjoyed it ;)

I put Bubba on a Regional Express train to Munich this morning - he had money, a passport, phrasebook and a full tummy. Heard from him for a second online - he was on long enough to say that the weather was crap. Hopefully, that's keeping him in the museums, etc. Will know more tomorrow when we meet up in Dachau for a tour (very sobering) and then continue back up to Erlangen for the BergKirchweih (not very sobering). Poor Helen thinks all we do is filled this boy with beer. It's just that it's completely normal in Germany to drink as much beer as the Georgian's drink Coke. Really, Helen, it's not as much as it sounds like on the phone - ok, well, tomorrow, it will be, but that's different - it's a Kirchweih and it's like the 2nd biggest fest after the Oktoberfest and it's their 250th year and you have to help celebrate, don't you?? I mean, really....when in Rome.. ;)
Don't worry Hellybelly, I'm taking very good care of him!